Secure Habits App



Start date: As soon as possible

More details:


Develop an Android app or PWA that helps users build secure habits and evaluate this app in a user study.
  • Identify a hierarchy of secure habits to teach in ~30 days in less than 10 minutes daily
  • Document why this hierarchy was chosen
  • Develop an Android app or PWA that helps to build daily habits
  • Make sure code is documented
  • Test this app informally with colleagues to identify functionality and usability issues and fix those
  • Plan, conduct and evaluate a 4-week remote user study that takes a baseline of secure habits before the study, and measures changes in those after the study as well as gather feedback on the app

If you are interested, please reach out to and cc Yasemin Acar:


  • This topic is for Master's students only.
  • Experience with Android development or PWA development
  • Working language proficiency in either English or German
  • Coursework on HCI / human-centered security / any other coursework that introduces surveys and human factor research studies